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Thank you for contacting us and that you are interested in our offer.

If you have decided to buy, here are the methods for buying the cows.

  1. In order to make the animals import you have to have a valid exploitation code of
your farm and the import approval from the Health Care Department.
    a. Before you go to the animal selection place, you should verify at the Health Care Department if you
are allowed bring in animals and if you have a proper shelter for the animals for the first days until the end of the state formalities and the health tests for the animals.
2. We can go with you at the animal selection place. Or you can go directly to our partners with anyone to the animal selection place. If you speak English, German or Hungarian, you can speak directly to our partners at the place.
3. Before going to our partner farms abroad, we will ask you to present us the contact details of the company which makes the import, the valid exploitation code and the address to which the animal delivery will be made.
4. The animal selection will be made at the farms. After you selected them, they will be transported to the farm from where they will be loaded for delivery.
5. In order to begin the blood test according to the EU standards and to do the transfer of the animals to
the transit farm, we have to take ourselves the animals from the farm.
6. That’s why we ask you to pay in time the 10% guaranty, right after you get the invoice.
7. The animals will be delivered in 5-10 days from the selection and after getting the blood tests.
8. We will ask you to organize your farm so that you can take the animals on it in maximum 3 weeks after
the selection. In 3 weeks the tax at the quarantine farm will be perceived.
9. The cash difference has to get into the seller account with at least 2 working days before the loading of the animals.
10. The loading will be done taking into account the license numbers of the animals. The animals that cannot be loaded because of some health issues will be replaced with reserves chosen by the buyer.
11. The loading of the animals will be controlled by the specialized doctor from the Health Care Department, which supervises the export and who will write the export papers.
12. The animals that do not correspond anymore will be retired and replaced with the reserves you chosen
at the selection.
13. At loading we will write the transportation papers.
14. The health documents of export will go directly to the Health Care Department of Romania.
15. The animals are insured by the seller until the deployment.

*The prices are without VAT. For the VAT payers it will be released an external invoice, without VAT.

Thank you! 
Best regards,
Ing. Mayer Arthur