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Prolonged head, long and slim neck.
Their torso, seen from one side, has a trapezoidal shape.
Their chest is long, less deep and less wide.
Their abdomen is bulky, their udder is squared, globular.
The nipples have an intermediary shape between cylindrical and conical.
The milking is done in a mechanical way.
Specific defects: footprint or bear paw.
Color: spotted black and white or black and red.
Milk: from 6.500 to over 10.000 l/ lactation (305 days)
Height: 129-133 cm
Weight: 550 - 600 Kg
Fatness: 3,8%
Cutting efficiency: 55%


Body color: white with red or yellowish spots with specific delimitations between them.
Head and legs (from the knees down) are always of white color. The mouth is pink.
The advantages of Simmental:
Medium production/lactation: from 5000 liters, may be even over 8000 liters
It have a long fertility period and can produce up to 13 calves.
The calves are very healthy and they grow fast.
They have a soft temper and they are very easy to grow.
They are very adaptable to climatic conditions.
Cutting efficiency: 55%
The heifer has, on average about 550-600 kg
The cow: 700kg
The bull: 1000kg
Gain: 1,2 kg/day
Milk fatness: 3,8%


Montbeliard is a breed originated from France
It is a mixed diary and meat breed.
The general solidity of it capitalizes the roughage.
Fatness: 3,88%
Proteins: 3,42%


Cow: 750-800 Kg
Bull: 1000-1100 Kg
Gains: 1,5-1,8 Kz/day
Cutting efficiency: 62-64%


9-10 months Calve’s Weight: above 200 Kg
Cow’s Weight: 400-600 Kg
Bull’s Weight: 1000 Kg
The calves stay until they are 9 months old.
They put on a lot of fiber and can stay outside in the winter.
They aren’t required to sit in the stable.


Have acajou uniform color all over their body.
It’s easy to grow and it capitalizes very well the grass through grazing.
They have a well developed musculature.
They have an excellent ratio between their meat and bones in the carcass and high fertility.
Medium gain: 1.250 grams/day
18 Months calve weight: about 654 kg.
The cows aren’t milked, the milk is consummated by the calves.
The calves are weaned at 5-7 months.
The growing: free stable growing, in the summer they stay on the pasture.


Middle weight: 127 – 135 the cows and 136-144 cm the bulls;
Weight: 800-1000 kg the bulls and 550-700 kg the cows.
The musculature is very well developed and the constitution is robust.
The head has low dimensions, they are hornless, prominent crown, big and expressive eyes, wide ears.
The neck is short, thick and well dressed into the musculature which continues with a cylindrical, long, wide and deep torso, and the superior line in right. The chest is wide and prominent, the thorax is deep, the croup squared and convex, very lowered.
The members are short with fine bones and big uprights.
They don’t give milk, they give it to the calves.